Protect Your Home or Business


JD PRO  provides installation of high resolution, high retention and high quality IP and HD Analog camera systems. Cameras have become a proven tool for increasing security and helping prevent losses due to vandalism, theft, and unfounded liability claims.


JD PRO Electric provides professional security system installations to homes, condominiums and commercial and industrial properties. JD PRO has a wealth of knowledge and experience working with all types and brands of security systems. As part of the services we offer, we can help repair and maintain not only the CCTV/Access Control systems installed by Smart Security Camera but existing equipment previously installed by another provider as well.


All security solutions are designed around the client's requirements, we will not sale you or offer a service you don't need, our reputation is what has build our company. With no advertising or marketing except this website, we have grown our company with the referrals and word of mouth from our loyal clients that have valued our honesty, knowledge and quality of service provided. Our goals are simple, earn your business for years to come by providing quality service.